the goals

To create a model for ranked choice primaries to be emulated by political parties.

To support centrist Minnesota Gubernatorial candidates who will champion solutions to insiduous problems like gerrymandering, political polarization, and voter disenfranchsiment. (Why Minnesota first?)

What to expect

First things first

To vote in the New Moose Primaries you need to be a New Moose Member (i.e have contributed as little as 35 cents) and can legally vote in Minnesota.

We require the first because it allows us to verify that every New Moose Member is indeed a human that lives in Minnesota.

We accept contributions from non-Minnesotans that want to support our cause, but understand that you won't be able to vote in Minnesota.

The first round. Eight weeks before party primaries.

In preparation for the New Moose Primary's First Round you choose to be part of the Democratic, Republican, or Third-Party Caucus.

We'll email you the ballot for your Caucus on which every declared candidate will be an option. We'll also send you responses that the candidates have given to questions like "how will you prevent the gerrymandering of Minnesota's state and federal congressional lines?" and "do you support rank-choice voting?"

Take your time, do your research, tell your friends. You'll have two weeks to vote.

Cast your ballot by ranking your preferences simply and securely online.

We'll tally the vote (using instant run-off, for the wonks out there) and endorse the Republican, Democrat, and Third Party Candidates that come out on top. Based on the strength of rank-choice voting and our focus on electoral reform we believe that those who emerge will be non-extremist, consensus candidates committed to good governance reform.

We'll support all three of them as they pursue their party nominations, and we hope you will too.

The second round. Eight weeks before the general election.

No need to choose a party, our second round is an "open" primary. Every candidate who is still running will be an option, no matter their party.

Again, we'll email you the ballot, and once again share with you the candidates' views on the issues we care most about.

You'll rank your preferences and submit you ballot simply and securely online.

We'll count the vote and the one candidate that emeges will recieve our endorsement. Based on our rank-choice process, we firmly believe that our final endorsement carrier will be best option for Minnesota, and the most likely to champion real reform once in office.

We'll do everything we can to make sure that candidate wins the general.

Frequently given answers

What problems does this solve?

The New Moose Open Primaries will be conducted online through simple ranked-choice ballots. This approach will:

  • Make participation simple.
  • Permit reflection and research during the voting process.
  • Minimize the influence of special interest funding.
  • Discourage negative advertising.
  • Lead to the endorsement of consensus candidadates (i.e. candidates who are broadly appealing to the most possible voters).

how does new moose support new moose candidates?

We’ll show our support in two way. First, we’ll contribute directly to our candidates’ campaign funds. Second, we’ll advocate independently on their behalf. We’ll tell the story of thousands of Minnesotans from all walks of life who have fully expressed their views and together chosen the one best option for all Minnesotans.

WHO ARE the candidates in the open primaries?

All candidates who have declared their candidacy are eligible candidates in the Open Primaries.

How do voters vote?

Voting is done online. We email an electronic ballot to New Moose Members and give voters two weeks to complete them.


Votes are tallied using instant runoff ranked choice methods.

must candidates agree to a particular platform?

Our vision is of a future in which elections and elected officials better serve our country. We believe that the key to achieving that vision is better election processes.

In preparation for the Open Primaries candidates will be offered the opportunity to share their perspective on election and governance reform related to New Moose' goals, informing the preferences of voters. But no candidate will be excluded for their views; only the preferences of voters matter in the selection of our final nominees.

Who can vote in the open primaries?

New Moose Members may vote in the New Moose primaries associated with public elections for which they are eligible. 

What races is New Moose invoved with?

In 2018 we will focus on the Minnesota Governor's race.

Why minnesota first?

Because in Minnesota the governor has veto power over federal and state congressional redistricting done by the Minnesota legislature. And because in 2018 the governor's will be an open seat. And because Minnesota hasn't yet embraced common sense electoral reforms like redistricting through a non-partisan commission, rank-choice voting, and required third-party representation at debates for statewide races.

And because Minnesota is full of intelligent, pragmatic moderates who might just be willing to create a model for the rest of the country.

And because you've got to start somewhere.