The Power Is In The Story

In 2014, Jeff Johnson and Mark Dayton raised and spent $5,400,000 between the two of them as they vied for the Minnesota Governor's seat. Hannah Nicollet (Independence) and Chris Holbrook (Libertarian) almost got to $50k between them. 

Our 2018 goal is $25,000. That is a drop in the ocean.

But our power doesn't come from the cash we spend. The money we spend will only serve to magnify the voices of New Moose Members. Our power comes from our story.

Through the New Moose Primaries we will create a story of thousands of people from across Minnesota making their voices heard without the distortions of the current party primary system. We will show Minnesota how much better it could be.

  • Through ranked-choice voting voters will be able to fully express their preference with no fear of a spoiler effect, helping to coalesce support for the Democrat, Republican and third-party candidate most broadly supported by their bases.
  • Through online balloting voting will be simple, secure and fast, and voters will have enough time to research and reflect as they vote.
  • Through a two-week voting period voice will be given to those who can't get away from their families or jobs on caucus night. 

Join us, because better elections will lead to better government.