An Open Letter

Dear Ms. McDaniel and Mr. Perez,

It seems that you have both a slight problem and I would love to solve it for you. Really for either on of you. I don't care much on the party front.

I, and nearly all other Americans, noticed this past year that your primary systems are total rubbish.

Mr. Perez, your party pre-ordained a winner and tried not to talk about the way that the Democratic party disenfranchizes its voters through superdelegates and insider funding. Ms. McDaniel, your system couldn't cope with a roomful of candidates, most of whom were indistinguishable from one another, and allowed a wack-job with offensive but memorable hair to swoop in for the win.

Certainly it was a solid show, but tragically the outcomes were discouraging. On the Democratic side so many voters were turned off by your primaries that they found better things to do on election day. And on the Republican side a battle was won but it hasn't turned out too well for the country.

In general I'd suggest two goals.

  1. Put on a good show.
  2. Don't screw over voters. Or we'll revolt.

So here's my more specifica suggestion. A March Madness inspired four-round primary tournament for all federal seats. It would be glorious.

The first round, say the first Tuesday in February, 2018, everyone in the country votes on the same day. For every seat the top eight are left standing. A month later you do the same, this time whittling down to four contenders. A month later two. Then on the first Tuesday in May when voters show up to choose between the final two their votes actually count, there is no spoiler effect, the TV ratings are through the roof, and you end up with a nominee that actually represents most of your consituents.

No need to both rush in at once, mind you. But I wouldn't dawdle.

Whichever of you moves first will energize your base so intensely, leaving them feeling so empowered and finally enfranchised, that the other team won't stand a chance come the generals.

Give me a call if you need help with the voting software.