sorry, you'll have to wait.

New Moose is concentrating its energy for the 2018 election cycle on Minnesota.

Our goal is to expand to all states in prepartion for the 2020 election cycle. While non-Minnesota residents aren't able to vote in Minnesota New Moose Open Primaries, we would still love your support to help us achieve our mission.


Because in Minnesota the governor has veto power over federal and state congressional redistricting done by the Minnesota legislature. And because in 2018 the governor's will be an open seat. And because Minnesota hasn't yet embraced common sense electoral reforms like redistritcting through a non-partisan commission, rank-choice voting, and third-party represntation at debates for all statewide races.

And because Minnesota is full of intelligent, pragamtic moderates who might just be willing to create a model for the rest of the country.

And because you've got to start somewhere.