America's elections are broken. Dark money, gerrymandered districts, plurality voting, and polarization have left Americans feeling disenfranchised and hopeless.

New Moose' mission is to solve these issues, and we will do it  by being the change we want to see.

Like Any good plan, ours has three steps

1. Introduce ourselves to the world

New Moose is non-partisan and volunteer run. The sole mission that ties New Moose members together is the improvement of public elections.

Whether a Democrat, a Republican, or a member of another party, we want the candidates we elect to public office to be pragmatic, collaborative, and representative of the people of their districts.

2. focus on the fundamental issues first

Americans across the political spectrum are united in their disappointment with our electoral systems. 

Primaries are scheduled at times when most Americans can’t take part, big money plays an outsized role, and plurality voting means divisive candidates often win elections.

The good news is that non-partisan solutions exist and if we push them our representatives can make them happen.

3. create a more powerful story

Starting with the 2018 MN Governor's race we will implement our own engaging, just and powerful Open Primary system. Every Minnesota voter will be invited to take part, every candidate will be an option, and ballots will be cast simply and securely online.

In a first round of rank-choice voting, we will together select the Democrat, Republican, and independent most committed to election reform and support them in their pursuit of their party's nomination. In a second round we'll choose one candidate to support in their final push for the Governor's seat.